Branded Cowhide

Rustic Chic

Express your style and your unique rustic charm with 100% authentic cowhide home decor, art, jewelry and a few other fun items.

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Looking for a one of a kind gift? A custom sign to hang in the man cave? Perhaps you want to honor the hero in your life.

We can customize just about anything you could want.  

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Cowhide products

We are constantly adding new artwork to our current unique cowhide products. We are also always on the look out for interesting and unique ways to apply our exclusive branding technique to new products. This is just a few of our new products. Want to see more of our new products click here

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Not only do our branded cowhide wrapped flasks come in handy but they make great gifts... don't forget about that bachelor party!

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Branded Cowhide Wall Art


From $45


leather & cowhide wrapped

From $10

Custom Orders


Art Fees

as low as $30

This is amazing… I’ve never seen anything like this before

Branded Cowhide

- Olivia Fuentez

Art requirements

Do you have a custom order, wild design idea or wonder what kind of artwork we prefer?

Highest quality materials

Wonder if this is really... I mean really, REALLY 100% authentic branded cowhide?

Our Story

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We’ve sized our wall art to fit together to create an overall theme on any sized wall

Branded Cowhide Art

It is our pleasure to help with designing your overall theme. We can suggest matched logos from our current inventory, customize our current logos or we can offer more individual, fully customized services.

We’ve helped our customers put together Texas Independence, John Wayne, Tombstone, 2nd Amendment and many beer themed walls. We are happy to help create a custom theme just for you and your needs, such as a family ranch themes.

  • Add multiple pieces together to fill any sized space
  • Vertical and horizontal piece available for even more flexibility
  • Tie piece from the same category together to create a theme

If you are ordering art to be hung together please let us know in the order memo. We will make every effort to match frames and hides to blend together into a cohesive wall of art. If you have questions about how to place an order please visit the custom order page for details. Fill out the appropriate form and click Submit