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Finished Product Expectations

When you custom order cowhide products from Brahma Custom Designs we use natural products in the construction of our signs, flasks, etc. We also use reclaimed lumber in the construction of our frames. The result of using real cowhide and lumber is that results can vary dramatically.Custom Order Cowhide products

  • If you are interested in a branded item then we recommend the light hides. with limited spots and patterns
  • Unlike branded items our non-branded items can be enhanced by heavy color and pattern in the hide. We stock plenty of great hides meant to look awesome on flasks, coasters, etc.

We recommend that you clearly communicate with us about desired results such as:

  • Hide color: Do you like red, tan, dark brown, etc.
  • Hide pattern: Palomino, brindle, etc.
  • Hair length: Long, medium, short…
  • Frame lumber: Our frames have knots, nail holes and patina… how much character do you want?

Although we will ALWAYS  guarantee our workmanship, it is impossible to guarantee our results.

*OUR PROMISE: Brahma Custom Designs expends great energy on picking material that will result in a high quality and well made product.

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Branded Cowhide options and sizes
flask options and sizes
Palomino Cowhide Full Sized hide

Palomino: Best

The most popular because the results are undeniably better. The brand is reliable and looks great even from far away.

Grey Brindle Cowhide Full Sized hide

Light Brindle: Great

A really good choice but rare and hard to find in a top-quality hide. If we are out of stock the Palomino is a great option.

Black Cowhide Full Sized hide

Black: Poor

The dark hide needs to be treated in a mild acid to bring out the brand. This can make fine details difficult to see. Good choice for bold logos and designs. Not so great for finer work.

Dark Brindle Cowhide Full Sized hide

Dark Brindle: Risky

The dark brindle can turn out wonderful but can also provide  disappointing results. The mixture of dark and light can make the brand hard to see. 

Spotted Cowhide Full Sized hide

Spotted: Poor

Although this is a beautiful hide and would make a wonderful rug or wall hanging it will be difficult to see any logo in such a busy pattern.

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    Some CharacterModerate CharacterLots of CharacterI like it Rough

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      Art Requirements

      when you order custom cowhide products

      Don’t stress art requirements, we’re here to help!

      It doesn’t matter if you’re are a graphic artist or someone who thinks a pixel is a fairy-tale character, we can work with you !
      We’ll work closely with you on the art requirements, prepare the artwork to meet what is needed for branding, and you’ll receive an email art proof for your approval, before your order is branded!

      How do I upload my artwork?

      Your artwork is EXTREMELY important to us! We want every detail to be exactly what you are requesting. Just fill out the appropriate form above and click submit, a representative will contact you to discuss the details. Please use the custom order form above to upload your files, you can also email all artwork to: jade@brahmastyle.com

      What about any special instructions I have?

      Please feel free to make comments and add special instructions to the custom order form. A representative will contact you for any special requests or questions.

      What formats do we accept?

      We can accept most forms of artwork. We’re here to help and make this process as simple as possible. Just send us what you have and we’ll do everything we can to meet the art requirements. Our staff will assist you in making sure your product turns out exactly as you imagined it!

      Adobe Acrobat.pdf
      Embed the fonts used or export as generic.eps
      Adobe Illustrator.ai, .epsConvert text to outlines, embed any linked images and save as version 10 or lower
      CorelDRAW.cdrConvert text to curves
      These files are a last result and must be a minimum of 1000 x 1000 px

      or EMAIL ARTWORK TO: jade@brahmastyle.com

      Don’t have any of these? Don’t understand what any of these are? Still concerned about the art requirements?
      Don’t worry!… Visit the Custom Order page or Email us what you have and we’ll walk you through the process to custom order cowhide products!

      Thank you

      For contacting us

      We look forward to helping with your custom order